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Awakening the Workplace

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Joanne McLean of Soulzatwork is a contributing author to this new book. Her chapter is entitled "An Invitation to Lead with Grace and Dignity".

In Awakening the Workplace you'll find the collective wisdom, experience. and knowledge of 16 top speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, and facilitators from across North America and Australia. They are the specialists in workplace issues and innovation, with proven processes for attaining new results. Some of the enlightening chapters explore: how to awaken the leader within; choosing winning attitudes and perspectives; being a reflective leader; contributing to an authentic workplace; how to activate innovative leadership strategies; boosting your change resilience; and more.

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The Soul Café - by David McLean

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A novel about one man's journey to live life fully and authentically.

How many of us have raced through life meeting to meeting, bumper to bumper, dinner to dinner, skating to swimming, chasing after goals that always seem just beyond our reach? Then, one day, the monotony is somehow shattered and a profound reality of our life is revealed: we are filled with an aching sense of emptiness. We start asking ourselves the really big and scary life questions. What is my purpose? Why can't I find joy in my relationships any longer? Why does my employer seem to care only about the money I generate and not about me? What has happened to my soul?

Ian Archer was just such a person, and this is a fictional account of his struggle from emptiness through understanding to wholeness. With the gentle prodding of a few colourfully-drawn, secondary characters and the unexpected sanctuary he finds in a small, unassuming, suburban coffee house, this likeable though dispirited business executive's personal and workplace quandaries are gradually unravelled, acknowledged and confronted. In searching for a prescription for freedom from the false promises of life, however, Ian discovers that he must be prepared to lose much but that the risks are ultimately worth it. If you, like Ian, are looking for a place where the seeds of creativity, peace, and personal growth are planted, and the answers to life's fundamental questions are offered up one cup at a time, why don't you sit back, relax, and join him on a journey to The Soul Café.

Thank you David, for creating such a beautiful and meaningful story. I can't believe the timing...it's funny how this happens. Over the last few days I have done much reflection and the book has really helped to bring meaning and a better understanding to the journey I am on. - Jill Johnston, former contract furniture and corporate real estate executive, President, LEEP Consulting Inc.

Through The Soul Café, David McLean shows us spirituality in the workplace is not only possible, but a potential reality for companies serious about success. -Salle Redfield, author of Creating a Life of Joy

I have both read and enjoyed The Soul Café and found it both easy to read and informative. I like the easy transitions from the personal to the universal and the general realistic framing of the book. I felt better and uplifted for having read it. - Martin Collins, Speakwell

I wanted to thank you for recommending the book The Soul Café. It has definitely helped me in my journey to reconnect with my soul. I never dreamed it would affect me and the people around me so deeply. One night as I finished reading the last page, I turned to my husband and said, "You have to read this book!" In the twenty years that I have known my husband he has never read anything but the morning paper. On the second to last day of our trip, he finally picked up the book. He settled back on his beach chair and started reading. Slowly at first and then I could see the expression on his face change as he continued reading at a quickened pace. I knew what he was feeling because I felt the same way when I read it. At one point he turned to me and said, "I felt so alone when I went through this. It's nice to have those feelings validated." Well, that was the beginning of some very open and honest communication. It was wonderful!! We are not going to keep this treasure to ourselves. We decided to buy a couple of copies to give to our family and friends as birthday presents this month. - S. Kusleika

Whether we are flying through life, or struggling through life, The Soul Café is a must read. We are so assailed with demands and mixed messages, and the pressures on our time are so great, that it is rare indeed to find the will and energy to reflect on the real values in our lives. It is also rare indeed to find a book that captures this situation so well, in understandable daily life terms. The author has walked this mile. It is well worth joining him on the journey. - Ian Blicq


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Tribal Leadership - by Logan, King, and Fischer-Wright

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