Soulzatwork Approach

Our approach is simple: Do great work everyday!

When common purpose, people and relationships click great work gets done. This leads to better results, increased performance, and engaged leaders and teams.

  • We are real and tell it like it is. We are honest and forthright with our clients.
  • We walk our talk, constantly developing ourselves to better serve our clients.
  • We naturally build communities committed to helping our clients build strong and powerful teams.
  • We are strategic thinkers. We connect with our clients’ contexts and we integrate our work with our clients' business plans.
  • We love to serve.

We are a team of seasoned business professionals who have held leadership positions in the high-tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and the not-for-profit sectors. We have senior leadership experience in sales, marketing communications, business development, human resources, consulting, and leading successful teams.

We are trained and certified professional coaches who are passionate about leadership and building teams that thrive, while delivering extraordinary results.