The Banff Centre – leadership development

Leadership development at The Banff Centre offers customized and public programs in the corporate, government, Aboriginal, arts, and not-for-profit sectors that enable and support fundamental transformation in individuals, organizations, and communities. Program participants are mid- to senior-level leaders and decision-makers in their fields.

Leadership Development Programs

The Banff Centre pioneers creative ways of developing leaders who thrive when faced with the demands of the 21st century. Through a unique learning processes inspired by art and nature, participants learn how to generate ideas, explore possibilities, and make them real with meaningful results. The Banff Centre offers a number of leadership programs that meet the unique development needs and enhance the day-to-day effectiveness of directors, managers, and team leaders in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. They focus on building leadership capability in four crucial areas, which make up the leadership "system".

Read about these inspiring programs by clicking on and also click on the link below for the leadership development framework for The Banff Centre Leadership Development program model and more detailed descriptions.

Leadership development framework

Joanne McLean is on the faculty at The Banff Centre as part of the team delivering the Building Personal Leadership program.

For information contact Joanne at or contact The Banff Centre directly.